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Tonic Photo Studios is a large well equipped commercial photography and motion studio. We're a creative powerhouse complete with a full suite of props and surfaces, a large production kitchen, and over 6000 square feet shooting space. We’ve got plenty of room to accommodate large productions and for clients to spread out and settle in while their project is under way. 



At tonic, we strive for a perfect blend of diversity and creativity. Our goal is to build a relationship with a client and form a solid creative partnership that provides for a cohesive understanding of the client's creative needs. We then strive to service those needs through a variety of visual mediums such as still photography, motion and cinemagraphs. In this manner our partners can rely on one creative resource for the production of a broad range of work such as food, architecture, lifestyle and product imagery. 




Since 1991 tonic has built and serviced a broad and diverse client base. Our goal has been to always look forward and to not just accommodate but to exceed our client’s expectations. 



Tonic Photo Studios LLC is owned and led by photographer Patrick Darby. He's been the main man, head honcho, papa smurf or simply put - Chief Creative and Director of Photography behind the studio and camera. Shooting commercially for over 15 years, Patrick and the tonic team pride themselves in always providing a great working space and experience.  

Outside of the internal studio team, we have a full roster of freelancers that include graphic designers, branding guys, food stylists, set stylists, prop masters, carpenters and grip crew (to name just a few) that are always on board and available to help with any production. Having these outside resources allows the studio to approach each project with just the right amount of capability and crew to help keep projects on point and within budget.







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